Friday, December 2, 2011

vi Commands

vi is a Visual Editor (hence the name -- vi for VIsual). vi is a widely-used and popular UNIX-based text editor. Like most UNIX system interfaces and other text editors, it lets you control the system by using the keyboard rather than a combination of mouse selections and keystrokes.

Edit a File
Edit a file from command prompt vi
Edit a file from command prompt for reading only vi -R
Edit a file from within vi :e
Edit a new file from within vi, discard changes to current file :e!
Reload current file, discarding changes :e!
Go forwards a page Ctrl+F (or PgDn)
Go backwards a page Ctrl+B (or PgUp)
Move around single lines or characters Arrow keys
Save changes :w
Save changes and override protected (read-only) files :w!
Save changes and exit vi ZZ
Quit :q
Quit and discard changes :q!
Get general help :help
Get help on a command (eg. :set) :help set
Go to lines, find matching text 
Go to line 1234 (do not see typing) 1234G
Go to line 1234 (see typing) :1234
Go to start of file 1G
Go to end of file G
Find (forwards) a line containing "swordfish" /swordfish
Find (forwards) a line using a regular expression /you see .* here
Repeat last search n
Repeat last search in opposite direction N
Find (backwards) a line containing "swordfish" ?swordfish
Find (backwards) a line using a regular expression ?you see .* here
Search case insensitive (Ignore Case) :set ic
Search with case sensitivity :set noic
Wrap searches back to start of file :set wrapscan
Do not wrap searches :set nowrapscan
Insert Text
Insert after cursor i
Insert before cursor a
Insert at beginning of line I
Insert at end of line (append) A
Open (start) new line below cursor o
Open (start) new line above cursor O
Advance Deletion
Delete next 5 lines 5dd
Delete to end of line d$
Delete to start of line d0
Delete to word "swordfish" d/swordfish
Delete to the letter "x" dfx
Delete lines 10 to 20 :10,20d
Delete current line and another 5 lines :.,+5d
Delete all lines :%d
Delete current word dw
Find line containing pattern, delete it :/pattern/d
Find line containing "dog", delete until line containing "cat" :/dog/,/cat/d
Delete from current line to line containing "foo" :.,/foo/d

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